Friday, July 14, 2006

Charley Harper

I've liked Charles Harper ever since Todd Oldham featured him on his Handmade Modern book and TV special. Harper illustrated books like The Golden Book of Biology and Betty Crocker's Dinner for Two Cook Book and has also issued a range of wildlife prints. the prints are fantastic and are becoming much easier to find. (check out this seller on ebay...some as affordable as $10!) what I only recently realized, however, is that Harper's designs are also available in cross-stitch and needlepoint books and canvases (under Charley Harper). this ebay seller has many great canvases.

charley harper cross stitch

charley harper cross stitch canvases

charley harper needlepoint


Kim said...

That's awesome. I love Charles Harper but had no idea about the cross-stitch designs. Let the bidding wars begin!

abcgirl said...

i think that charley harper fever has struck and e-bay bargains like yours are to be found no longer. oh well.