Friday, January 26, 2007

Thursday, January 25, 2007

more fabric for the stash...

just placed an order for cute Japanese fabrics from Superbuzzy. I should have ordered this bag but I didn't...


this week I have made great progress on the red and white quilt. I plan to accomplish all this work when I get home, but keep getting pulled away from the computer to either finish some blocks or work on some of the redwork embroidered squares. maybe I will post some photos later of the work in progress.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

vintage finds

yesterday I went to a giant garage sale at the fairgrounds. I found some vintage fabric. There were actually a number of interesting large prints - some 70s colorful prints and a piece of really interesting barkcloth - but large prints don't suit most quilts or stuffed animals so I didn't pick those up.

I got this neat piece of kitcheny fabric - maybe a yard or two for a buck:
red kitchen fabric

I got these two prints for $1.50 - and the blue piece I think might be four or five yards.
blue vintage fabric
dotted fabric

The colors of the blue piece also inspire me - maybe my next project could incorporate these colors and those of this neat Quilt Gate fabric I bought a while ago.
idea for next quilt

I also found a neat vintage holiday dish towel for a buck.
holiday dish towel

Friday, January 19, 2007

More pictures of my quilt

As promised, more and better pictures of my latest quilt, Ice Pops from the Denyse Schmidt book.

The front:
finished Ice Pops

The back is similiar to a Sushma quilt design:
back of Ice Pops quilt

And a close-up of the quilting. I did a basic grid around the blocks then did a rectangle inside each box, alternating whether I did it over the colored middle block or the outer white block.
close up of Ice Pops

Next up: the red and white quilt.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

yeah for quilt

the light wasn't great to take pictures this morning, so I will add more later...but I finished my Ice Pops quilt from the Denyse Schmidt book.

ice pops

Monday, January 08, 2007

I'm so happy

The reasons:
1. The wind stopped.
2. The sun is out.
3. Almost all the snow has melted off my street for the first time since the snowpocalypse began.
4. I went to the mall.
5. And bought nice things at the Gap.


so it turned out the winds last night were 90 to 100 mph, not 70. always great to follow three major snowstorms with hurricane force winds.

these shoes make me happy. cute Keds by Eleanor Grosch. if only they came in my size. :(


Sunday, January 07, 2007

stir crazy in the snowstorms

so I am tired of the snowpocalypse that has been haunting Boulder. I haven't been to the office since Thursday - haven't been away so long in a while without being out of town. sitting at home has made me stir crazy. Saturday I ventured out just to get out and wandered around an antique mall for a while. picked up this little friend for $3.

little reading gnome

the roads in town have been okay, but we'll see how much drifting the 70 mph winds have caused overnight. I need to get out of the house and to the office tomorrow...

also, check out my cool Shinzi Katoh plate from Ang.
shinzi katoh

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

snowball cupcakes

last night I made cupcakes. they are styled after the classic Hostess Sno Ball. I was going to use Martha's snowball cupcake recipe, but it involved things like whipping-quality pasteurized egg whites and candy thermometers, so I figured there must be another recipe for marshmallow frosting that did not require making your own marshmallow. so google brought me Rachel Ray's version, which involves marshmallow creme and sugar and, yes, a whole pound of butter. (this recipe says it will frost 24 cupcakes, which is absurb. could easily halve the recipe.)

so Devil's Food cupcakes, cream filling, marshmallow frosting, and a layer of coconut on top - crazy tasty good, but difficult to eat two as the richness of it all will give you a stomachache.

snowball cupcake

snowball cupcakes

Monday, January 01, 2007

holiday wrapup

so some updates...

last year I engaged in an intense lobbying campaign for my mom to make me a panda wearing a sweater. so under the tree this year I found this:

my panda in a vest

granted, it is a panda in a vest, but it is awfully adorable. maybe I should take a different picture as he is blending into the sofa a bit.

here is some pre-Christmas ebay shopping I engaged in but had not got around to posting, a Marushka silkscreen:

my Christmas crafting was pretty modest this year. I whipped up a little oven mitt:
holiday oven mitt
and tried to make a couple others but I managed to make two right sides for one of the set so I never gave the others.

I made my brother a T Rex. the mouth was really hard to get right so he looks off in profile view. T Rex

I also got a walking foot for my machine, so last night I starting quilting the top of this one. In the Denyse Schmidt book, they use a diagonal grid quilt pattern. this seemed unwieldly to attempt on my machine so I am doing something gridlike around the blocks, with some middle block pattern I haven't decided on yet.