Sunday, October 19, 2008

vintage fabric fame!

I was asked by Kim of True Up and Dioramarama blogs to curate The Daily Swatch this week at True Up. I am so flattered to be asked and a huge fan of both of her blogs. I have read both consistently - one of my first forays into quilting was a Plain Spoken quilt that was inspired in large share by Kim's version. True Up is also a great read - and if you haven't already, check out the excellent anniversary fabric giveaway she is currently featuring!

I've been blogging for over three years in my little Blempgorf corner of universe to my small, loyal readership (thanks for reading, everyone!). And it's really nice to know that others like to tune into my little crafty world here. It's neat to make blog friends through shared interests. Thanks, Kim, for inviting me to curate! It was lots of fun to pick out which fabrics to showcase.

So every day this week, you can tune into True Up and see different swatches from my vintage fabric collection. My theme for the week is Roy G. Biv - a print in each color for each day of the week. Today's red fabric is already up!

Speaking of vintage fabric, here's a first for me. I had put a brand new just-finished baby quilt in the washing machine, and this is what came out:
uh oh
Yikes. A valuable lesson on prewashing vintage fabrics, even scraps. I'll post the finished quilt and its repair in the next day or two.


Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Oopsie. that usually doesn't happen. I do think washing the vintage fabric is more important than the mostly colorfast fabrics of today. I'm really excited to see you will be guest hosting. I saw that last night on True Up. Fabulous.

Kim said...

Eeee! Thanks!

I just happened to be getting a post ready on pre-washing. One of my bags made from a vintage tablecloth is disintegrating too ... they just can't take the modern detergents I guess.

Rebekah said...

yikes! Thanks for the warning about prewashing. I'm usually a little lazy in that department.

I'm really enjoying all of your fabric swatches over at true up this week :)

Unfurled said...

Just found your blog today and love it! Lifes best pleasures: cupcakes, fabric, and plush!

Unfurled said...

Just found your blog today and love it! Lifes best pleasures: cupcakes, fabric, and plush!

Sarah and Jack said...

:-( Pity about that block.

Sometimes old greens and metallic prints do that if they touch oxiclean on tablecloths, but I never thought about using those fabrics in projects and having them disintegrate. I will definitely learn from that mistake!