Sunday, March 08, 2009

circus fabric

I never really liked the circus as a kid. I went a couple of times with the Girl Scouts. what I remember more than the acts or the animals is the gross consumerism, where vendors sold gobs of things that every kid wants - glow sticks, candy, light-up toys, and this insidious coloring book that on its own was questionably fun, but had a raffle ticket in the back that granted eligibility for some fabulous prize. I never had a budget for any of this, either from a failure to bring money or an unwillingness to squander a limited allowance on these goods. so I squandered a lot of circus time on envy, wishing I had a coloring book with a winning ticket number.

while my feelings toward circuses is thus not very warm, I nonetheless find myself recently enchanted with circus fabrics.

I bid on this but didn't win.

I bought this instead:
vintage circus fabric in mustard

(granted, this is much more charming than the Shrine Circus in real life.)

and then I have this one already in the collection:
vintage circus fabric


macdaddy said...

The first two look so similar, do you think one's a copy? Are fabric's copyrighted?

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Hate circuses but love circus fabric. I found some in my pile of fabric "to iron" the other day and pulled it out. I made a ball of "to be ironed" fabric under my sewing machine so I would not sew until that pile was washed. Usually I don't wash before cutting but these were oldish so I wanted to launder them. I don't know how people manage to wash all their fabric and get it ironed before they sew. Way too labor intensive on the side of not the fun part of creating. How did I get side tracked onto ironing? oh well.

cathy gaubert said...

awesome fabrics!

disa said...
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Anonymous said...

Hello!! where can I get some circus fabrics?? I need to buy some!!thanks!!