Monday, March 09, 2009

seasonal foods

the contestants on Top Chef often talk about their fondness of seasonal ingredients.

I have to say I'm also a big fan of seasonal fare.

like green Sno Balls for St. Patrick's Day.

and marshmallow bunnies and eggs for Easter.

in other news, I have been baking - chocolate cupcakes covered in a chocolate ganache glaze. it's the same recipe as the Martha chocolate cake from last week. it turned out tasty as a cake; dense like a cheesecake almost. hopefully the cupcake version is as tasty.

ganache topped chocolate cupcakes

I made them for a co-worker's birthday, and also boxed up a few for her to take home. awesome cupcake box courtesy of my mom's pal Linda F. (thanks!)
chocolate cupcakes in a box


Momoo said...

Have to agree about the seasonal foods, but you missed Peeps! I haven't seen the snoballs yet, guess I have a week to find them.

Lynn said...

You are too funny. You missed cadbury bunny eggs! Those are my favorite, even though they gross out a lot of people.

Linda F said...

Glad you could use the box! I enjoy reading your blog, too. You are so crafty like your mom!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Chocolate marshmallow bunnies. Yum. But only like one at a sitting. Super sweet. Like frosting. Easty to choc. overload. But what a way to go.