Sunday, June 07, 2009

vintage fabric swap

It's time for some spring cleaning! I have too much fabric - in particular, yards and yards of some fabrics that are just taking up space in my sewing room. I rarely sew with large yardages. I'll use a yard for a back of a baby quilt, but mostly I need smaller pieces for quilt fronts.

So I'd like to propose a "3 for 1" fabric swap with my blog readers - I send you a three quarters of a yard's worth of fabric, and you send me a fat quarter in return. We could do this in multiples too, i.e. if you wanted to swap a yard and a half for a half yard. I thought about setting up an Etsy shop to sell this stuff, but I thought this sounded more fun.

Here's what I would like to swap for:
1. Flea Market Fancy in gray
2. Vintage fabric. Gray would be especially nice, as would orange, but beyond that, just something neat. Here's a sample of my fabric collection on Flickr to see what I like.

My list of available fabrics is below. It's all vintage, picked up at garage sales or thrift stores or antique malls. Comment on the post in a way that leaves your e-mail address for me, and I'll e-mail you to find out your shopping list.

A. oranges and other fruits
oranges, and mysterious green and tan fruits

B. little calico in brown or in green
vintage flower fabric in two colorways (brown and green)

C. flower fabric by Waverly (I have gobs of this one)
waverly flower fabric with pink flowers

D. poly or poly blend flower fabric (I have a ton of this one too)
weird poly fabric with flowers

E. floral fabric I was going to someday make aprons out of
vintage fabric

F. dark floral print
blue floral fabric

G. pink floral print
pink floral print

H. vintage juvenile print. the background is light yellow, with a slight texture
vintage critter fabric

I. ballerina fabric
vintage ballerina fabric

J. bears and beehives
vintage bee and bear fabric

K. blue geometric
turquoise geometric print

L. pink turtles on yellow
vintage turtle fabric

M. red kitchen print
vintage cooking fabric

N. juvenile fabric, with a slight texture
vintage cat fabric

O. vintage Disney three pigs fabric (this is thinner than quilting cotton)
vintage fabric with the Three Little Pigs


Lili said...

What a great offer!

I love D - the poly blend. Would you be interested in trading 2 or 3 yards of it? I think it would make a lovely summer skirt.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Well you know me. I love vintage and I'd do a 1 for 1 swap with you gladly. I don't really have much gray. And I'm open to anything. I do have some feedsack fabric and I don't know if you are interested in that at all. To make it fair I think 1 to 1 would be fine with me.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

oops email me.

macdaddy said...

I'll swap you a fat dog for a fat quarter!

Amy said...

I love D. looooove! I'm not sure if i have anything you would like. the only vintage fabrics a carry are old linens like sheets and pillowcases. mostly 1970's. let me know!

Niesz Vintage Home said...

Gorgeous fabrics!
Love C, E, and K.
I have a vintage gray, dense floral if you're interested.
You can see it here...

Not sure whatelse I have in quilt weight grays but, I'll look through the stash. :)


Tabitha O. said...

If it is not too late to join I would love to swap some vintage stuff--I will get my camera out tomorrow and snap some pics I am sure I have some that I have collected that might be fun in someone else's hands...always looking for new inspiration right?!

Zenzhey Mackay said...

I would love to swap for these: kitchen print
2.oranges and other fruits
3.flower fabric by Waverly
Please e-mail me!
you can see the type of vintage fabrics I have here:

Missy Melissy said...

I'm not sure if you're still swapping, but I would love some of the pink turtles and the pink floral. I have some flea market fancy and they flowers are grayish but I would call the background brown. I will come up with something for you if you're still doing this. Thanks!

snowwhite4612 said...

I would also very much like to swap you some vintage fabric.. I love both the floral prints and would be happy to send you some of what I've got for it... let me know!

Anonymous said...

I would love to use some of those fabrics for so sewing but i have no fabric.. would you take money?
and if you do how much would it cost?