Monday, July 20, 2009

Charley Harper needlework update

So recently Purl Soho started selling needlepoint canvases based on the artwork of Charley Harper (an Ohio-based artist who did wildlife illustrations in a modern style). In the last few years, his art has become very popular, with new books and gifts based on his art. But through the 80s and 90s, Harper's work had some following as well, with a range of cross-stitch pattern books issued based on his work. As I've posted about before, you can find some needlepoint canvases here, here, and on ebay (pricey) and you can pick up copies of the cross-stitch pattern books on ebay and from embroidery book sellers on the web (not so pricey). They are labeled "Harper in Stitches" by C. Harper.

Faced with some insomnia one night, I put together a list of the patterns. One of these days I'll have to pick up a couple from ebay.

Sold under the label KD Artistry:
Book 1: Cool Cardinal (cardinal, two cardinals, raccoon) 1985
Book 2: Watermelon Moon (birds, bunny, raccoons in watermelon)
Book 3: KOALAkoala (seal, ladybugs, koala)
Book 4: Catnip (cat and bird, deer, birds)
Book 5: Pier Group (pelicans on dock) 1986
Book 6: Space for All Species (frog, owls, array of animals)
Book 7: Wood Duck (duck, fish, butterfly)
Book 8: Wrenovation (wren, bluebird, two birds)
Book 9: Pelican in a Downpour (pelican, sea birds, shells) 1987
Book 10: Bear in the Birches (bird, bear, beetles?)

Sold under the label Puckerbrush:
Book 13: Cornprone (cardinal, another bird, raccoons)
Book 14: Catbird Seat (cat, basset hound, basset with cat)
Book 15: Skimmerscape (pelican, skimmerscape, great white heron, Louisiana heron) 1992

Sold under the label Counted Collection:
Book 19: B-R-R-R-R-RDBATH (cardinal in a birdbath) 1996 Book 20: Birdwatcher (cat)
Book 21: Love from Above (giraffe)
Book 22: Devotion in the Ocean (otter) 1996
Book 23: B-R-R-R-R-RTHDAY (penguins)
Book 25: Cardinal Courtship (two cardinals)
Book 26: Lovey Dovey (two doves on telephone wire)
Book 27: The Christmas Caper (raccoons on chimney) 1998

You can also find some patterns sold individually or in kits, such as Cool Cardinal in Snow, Cardinals in Flight, Clair De Loon, Pelican in a Downpour, Racintosh, Sanderlings, Pier Group, Frog, and Gift Rapt.

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Anonymous said...

Great Blog on the needlework of Charley Harper. One Note: his wife also did a few cross stitch designs:
Knittin Kitten and Fishful Thinkin'. We usually carry them in our eBay store along with all C Harper cross stitch available. Charley was one of my favorite artists and will be forever.
BubbaCanDance on eBay