Thursday, August 27, 2009

pizza pizza!

back to school this week, so no crafting updates, though I should be sewing some clothes since I went through a dozen wardrobe options before finding something acceptable to wear to work today.

so the highlight of my week is the opening of a Little Caesars in town. Colorado is a terrible place to find a good pizza, so even though it is no Buddy's Pizza, it is still miles better than the alternatives here.

Hungry wants me to have pizza

mmmm....crazy bread and pepperoni pizza.

here's another recent acquisition - an iPhone. it hasn't made me feel any cooler yet, but maybe I just need some new apps.
new iPhone

finally, the panda cupcakes are everywhere now! see them on Yahoo too.
cupcakes on digg


Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Weird stuff. I saw a picture of a black dog painted like a panda. Kinda cruel but it reminds me of the cupcakes. I love my iphone. I've had it for a year. I couldn't part with it. It is truly part of me, sad to say. And pizza! The western US doesn't know what real pizza even is. I've gone to make my own when I want the good stuff. Makes a mess and it takes forever. And little c's is about 5 min. from my house. So we settle. Sadly.

Anonymous said...

I think this officially means that you're internet famous!

Kayla Mae said...

I like that you always usually post your pictures with Hungry in them!!! Just thought I'd let you know :)