Saturday, October 03, 2009

koala cupcakes!

So I last made cupcakes in early April, which given my usual baking rate was quite a long time ago. But the hiatus is over, with last night's production of koala cupcakes.

They are not quite as cute as this koala, but nonetheless quite adorable.

koala cupcake!

They are chocolate chocolate chip cake, with a cream cheese frosting.

koala cupcakes!

I bought black food coloring, which in small doses looks purple, so I added yellow and thankfully it made it gray, not brown.

koala cupcake!

the nose is a chocolate covered almond. the eyes are white frosting with a mini chocolate chip pupil. the ears are Necco wafers with a piped gray frosting edge.

koala cupcakes!


macdaddy said...

THESE ARE AMAZING! They came out even better than I expected!

Lunden said...

These are adorable!

Momoo said...

Cute cupcakes. I bet Hungry was happy to see you baking goodies again.

Rebekah said...


Wendy said...

So sweet my teeth hurt!

Gillian said...

I just made these last weekend! Thank you for your wonderful idea!

The Humming Cat said...

So So cute! My daughter wants koala cupcakes to take to her dance group to celebrae, bit worried about finding the right shade of grey though.