Thursday, November 05, 2009

little updates

So to answer a question from the blog comments, the new Petrie sofa is quite comfortable. I have been spending lots of time on it actually - napping and such while trying to fight off a recent cold. feeling better now, but spending my spare time catching up on work rather than doing much crafting or baking.

I did sneak in a small craft project - sewing an iPod cozy.
ipod cozy

And I did a little fabric shopping online. I was thinking of making potholders with it, but it's a lot of yardage and a larger scale print than I expected, so I might hold it for a quilt back. I like the colors, the geometric print, plus the illustration on top.
vintage harvest fabric

I also bought a little painting from Etsy - a watercolor from Helen Dardik's Orange You Lucky. So cute.
new art

And the packing envelope was awesome.
packing envelope


macdaddy said...

I love the IPod cozy!

Rebekah said...

cute cozy! I need to make one of those stat.

Hope you are feeling better soon.

Fabric Fanatic said...

Love your new looks like just the place to camp out, very comfy looking. Stylish too!