Tuesday, November 24, 2009

this post is dedicated to procrastination

For months I've been looking forward to having this week off from work, with decadent visions of spending days sewing and making cookies and generally goofing off. Well, something came up, so I'm now spending the week with a new work project. boo. I should be working right now actually, but I really don't feel like it.

I got two sweet care packages in the mail, but my lack of motivation extends to not really feeling like hunting down my camera at the moment. Save something to post later in the week. They are awesome though.

Here's one gem to share, from Youtube:

Here's another - a Black Friday mp3 album sale at Amazon - 500 albums for download at $5 a pop. There's a mix of genres and release dates - I found at least one thing I needed to get.

Other endorsements:
- Air hockey games on the iPhone.
- Christmas music
- Diet Sunkist Sparkling Lemonade
- Tuna melts

Saturday, November 14, 2009

pumpkin cookies and squash fabric

I'm prone to impulse buys in the baking aisle at the grocery store. I almost fell for cherry chips today, but they sounded a little weird so I didn't get any. I did not pass up the pumpkin spice Jell-o pudding mix though.

pumpkin pudding

I decided to make my usual chocolate chip cookies, but with pumpkin pudding instead of the usual vanilla mix. They seemed pretty popular at the Turkeypalooza party I attended (which featured a parade of deep fried fowl and other sundries). A subtle pumpkin taste, but more interesting than the usual chocolate chip.

pumpkin chocolate chip cookie

I also took a mid-day trip to Hobby Lobby in pursuit of a particular shade of khaki fabric. I had more or less given up on finding what I needed, since JoAnn Fabrics had nothing that would work, and I decided earlier this year to boycott Hancock Fabrics after one too many trip where no one would help me with fabric cutting. Online shopping was too risky given that I wanted a very particular shade. But today I remembered that Hobby Lobby has some Kona cotton so I decided to check if they had what I needed. I forgot to take my swatch with me, but bought some Kona in Stone and it was indeed the right shade when I got it home. I also bought a quarter yard of this squash/mustard fabric. I don't think the color shows quite right in the picture, but I think it is my new favorite color.

my new favorite color

I've been trying to find fabrics in this color for a while now, and it is virtually impossible to find. I am making a baby quilt in mustard shades, and keep vacillating between whether it is a rad color scheme or a mean-spirited, depressing set of sad colors for a baby. I'm going to make a few more blocks before making a final decision to go ahead or scrap it all and use the blocks in potholders.

Friday, November 13, 2009

a cookie, a quilt pattern, a fabric or two

so a second batch of cookies for the week.

last night I made ginger molasses cookies, using this recipe. They are soft and tasty. The flavor is not quite as good as the family recipe, but I like the texture better.

ginger molasses cookie

in other news, have you seen that a new Denyse Schmidt pattern has popped up on the Free Spirit website to accompany her new Hope Valley fabric line? Kind of interesting. I've been thinking about quilts based on horizontal rows and stripes lately, like Fair Isle sweater style.

here's my fabric of the day. It's a Dutch import, found on Etsy. I almost bought some to make something for my mom with it, because it has cute little bugs and such, but she's not always a fan of the gnomes.

gnome fabric

Here's another gem - fabric of the periodic table of snack foods.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

updates from the kitchen

I made hummus today. I think of hummus as something that's just a lot easier to buy premade, in the way you can make ice cream but buying it is more convenient. But making hummus isn't that hard as it turns out, and when you make it yourself, you need not include the thirty pounds of garlic that seep out of every pore for the rest of the day. I made two types - a regular hummus and one with sun-dried tomatoes and basil. The basil one was a little weird, but I liked the flavor a little better on the whole. The trickiest part was finding tahini in the grocery store. I had to Phone-a-Friend, who seemed a little surprised to learn that I see her as a Hummus Expert, but she was able to advise me about where I might look for it (answer: not the international aisle, or the peanut butter aisle, but the hippie/organic nut butter aisle).

homemade hummus

Hungry does not approve of a high fiber snack served with vegetables.

His response:
Hungry and friend

Okay, so I made some cookies too. I've never had a macaroon before, so not sure how I got it in my head to make them. I used this recipe online. I expected them to taste like Mounds, so much so that I went ahead and covered half of them in chocolate before I even tasted them. And indeed, they are Moundsy, but they have a nice toasted coconut flavor that upgrades it from the candy bar.


Hungry approves.
Hungry approves.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

little updates

So to answer a question from the blog comments, the new Petrie sofa is quite comfortable. I have been spending lots of time on it actually - napping and such while trying to fight off a recent cold. feeling better now, but spending my spare time catching up on work rather than doing much crafting or baking.

I did sneak in a small craft project - sewing an iPod cozy.
ipod cozy

And I did a little fabric shopping online. I was thinking of making potholders with it, but it's a lot of yardage and a larger scale print than I expected, so I might hold it for a quilt back. I like the colors, the geometric print, plus the illustration on top.
vintage harvest fabric

I also bought a little painting from Etsy - a watercolor from Helen Dardik's Orange You Lucky. So cute.
new art

And the packing envelope was awesome.
packing envelope