Tuesday, September 28, 2010

awesome cookie

I doctored up the chewy oatmeal cookie recipe from the King Arthur Cookie Cookbook by adding dried apples, golden raisins, and roasted cinnamon. Straight out of the oven, crazy good. Like almost the best cookie ever. The next day they weren't quite the same, but still tasty.

oatmeal apple raisin cookie

Also, a camera question for the knowledgeable among my blog readership:

Most of the pictures I take are blurry, presumably from my shaky hands. If I want to spend $100-$200 on a new compact digital camera, what features should I look for to ensure fewer blurry pictures?


ang said...

It's not in your price range, but I love love love my Canon s90. The secret is a larger lens, so the shutter can be open for less time. Not large in that it protrudes from the camera (it doesn't), I think it's just wider. There are only a small handful of cameras with a similar lens to the s90 and I spend a long time researching... I can tell you more about it. Or, get a tripod and use any old camera.

MK said...

Wow, your hobby is crossing paths with mine! We can talk about some options and how to make better use of your current camera. :-)

Lynn said...

You may want to see if you have a macro option on your current camera. Your cookie photo is pretty close up, so it might not be focusing correctly? Otherwise I'd go the tripod route.