Sunday, September 05, 2010

this and that

I bought some tenugui fabric while in DC for work. It's Japanese cotton towel fabric. More about it here.

tenugui fabric

Before I left, I put together a new totebag. It's quite similar to its predecessor but I made a few tweaks, including adding piping. I now think piping is awesome. Easy to add, and makes a more professional bag. It makes it almost look not homemade.

new tote bag

The lining is vintage daisy fabric. Special padded pocket to perfectly fit my netbook.

new tote bag


Linda said...

Love it!

Momoo said...

Neat bag, so much style! The piping is a nice touch.
Glad you found some time to shop in DC.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Love what you did with the bag. Simple design but you made it really unique and interesting. Love the toweling, too.

MK said...

Looked up what "piping" was. Learn something new everyday!