Monday, July 18, 2011

Where's Waldo?

Answer: Boulder.

So Boulder is many things, but rarely would I say it is charming. But here's the most charming thing I've found so far.

A few months ago, I noticed someone had painted Waldo of "Where's Waldo?" fame on the top bricks of McGuckin's Hardware in town. Maybe next time I am around there I will try for a picture. They've been doing some renovations around that strip mall so I had guessed that it was some sort of mall gimmick or something.

Update! Here's a picture!

Where's Waldo?  At McGuckins

That is, until a week or so ago, when I saw another Waldo - this time along the side of the Boulder Creek Trail. Not sure what those walls are even supposed to be, but there he is again. It's not the best picture but it is off the trail a ways and I wasn't wearing the right shoes to try to amble closer. (Does he have a mustache there?)

Where's Waldo?  Boulder Creek Trail

Tonight I decided to go for a walk as my exercise for the day, and I found a third Waldo. It's another cell phone picture, and in the dusk, but here he is hanging out above the DMV in this sketch strip mall.

Where's Waldo?  Diagonal Plaza

Update! Here's the daytime shot:
Where's Waldo?  Diagonal Plaza

A quick consult with Mr. Google reveals nothing about why Waldo is strolling about town, but for now, I think it is super charming to find surprise Waldos as I walk about town. All three of them are in hard to get at places, which for me suggests that they are placed intentionally (with permission) to avoid additional graffiti, or that the Waldo graffiti artist is especially enterprising.

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