Saturday, October 22, 2011

mod baby quilt, take 2

Finished that baby quilt I was working on...

mod baby quilt, take 2 (licorice allsorts color version)

It is a version of one I made before - I don't usually do the same design twice, but...I really like the design. My sister said that it was the best quilt I have ever made, which she has said only once before - in regards to its predecessor.

This is the licorice allsorts color version, which was inspired from the colors of the backing fabric, a happy vintage elephant fabric I bought on Etsy several years ago.

vintage fabric - pink elephants with balloons

I quilted it simply in stripes.

mod baby quilt, take 2  (licorice allsorts color version)

the binding is a black polka dot with many of the same colors of the quilt. (I love Lecien dot fabrics.)

mod baby quilt, take 2

getting the colors right in my pictures was challenging with this quilt - made a couple of attempts at photos but the colors are a bit more vibrant in real life than they look here.

mod baby quilt, take 2


Anonymous said...

Love your quilty works! Was wondering if you lay out all those little blocks before sewing them together? Your layout/color distribution is always so good. I think I agonize too much over layout. Wish I could be more random!

Mom said...

Another neat project, I'm sure baby and mom will love it.
I really like how you pick your colors from the backing.

Nanette Merrill said...

Oh! I love it. It is so great for that mom that is modern and cool. After all a baby quilt is a fashion statement for the mom.

Grasshopper said...

I am looking for the elephant fabric if anybody knows where I can get some or has some I can purchase...please let me know. I worked at house of fabric back in the early 80 and made pants from any crazy fabroc I could find...this was my favorite pair and they were lost when I moved from home. Always wanted to make a new pair. Thank you...Kathy