Tuesday, February 21, 2012

happy fat Tuesday

After eight years or so in Colorado, I finally found some paczki for Fat Tuesday.


People around here don't eat doughnuts, and certainly there aren't the passel of Poles pushing for paczki as there are in the Midwest, so it is pretty exciting to find them at the grocery store.


they were pretty mediocre even for grocery store paczki but better than nothing. the lemon were the best of the lemon, strawberry, blueberry, prune, and apple ones I tried.

in other news, I got some exciting packages in the mail last week.

my mom made me panda potholders. love them! I heart pandas.
panda panda

my dad sent along some goodies too - including A CAN OF BREAD.

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Linda said...

A can of bread?? Glad you found some pazcki's! I was with your mother on Tuesday and she bought herself one although she wasn't sure if she wanted to go off her diet to eat it. hmmm?