Tuesday, December 18, 2012

geometric doodle quilt

I shouldn't take pictures of quilts at 11 p.m., but wasn't sure if I would ever get around to taking pictures of my latest quilt if I didn't do it tonight.  so, here are some poorly lit pictures.

geometric doodle quilt

I am taking it to the family gift swap on Christmas Eve.

the design is another graph paper special, based of a random arrangement of lines.

the color scheme is close to Michigan State green, since two of the folks who haven't yet gotten a Christmas Eve quilt in the swap are big State fans.

I also found this great floral print over the summer that has the same kelly green shade in it.
geometric doodle quilt
I love the graphic look of it and the fact that it is kind of an ugly sort of pretty.

the back is just stripes.  I was going to use just two fabrics, but I didn't like the look of the Flea Market Fancy dot so much once I got it in the mail.  it turns out the original release of the fabric that I found in my stash had kelly green in it, but the reissued one does not.  so it didn't look quite as good with the floral print.  thus, the stripes of other colors to break up up a bit.
geometric doodle quilt

quilted in horizontal lines because it is easy.
geometric doodle quilt


ciociakot said...

This should cause a little excitment. I haven't even got my gift for the grab bag yet.

macdaddy said...

Very cute quilt. Lucky recipient.

edbd931a-4af4-11e3-8298-000bcdcb5194 said...

I am VERY interested in the dark blue floral design any way I can make it into a fabric? Please let me know. Thanks

my email is Tyrik21@aol.com

Please respond