Monday, January 28, 2013

no makey, some bakey

so I tend to eat around themes.  current obsessions: muffins and edamame.

I made some almond poppyseed muffins from a Krusteaz box mix.  very good.  I love almond flavor cake.
almond poppyseed muffin

scratch-made pumpkin muffins.  from this recipe.  they were fine but I won't be saving the recipe to make again.
pumpkin muffin

on the topic of edamame, I decided to attempt a Martha Stewart recipe for a brown rice with edamame. I avoid Martha recipes because I never like them. ever. but the ingredient list seemed like it would have to work out. 
edamame rice
wrong.  I ate it for one meal and pitched the rest. no more Martha recipes for me.

a better take on edamame: soybean hummus.  very tasty.
soybean hummus


Mom said...

The muffins look good, especially the poppy seed almond....not sure I'm ready to try the veggie dishes.

jeifner said...

I eat in themes as well. Apparently my theme for february is chocolate cookies :)