Sunday, January 13, 2013


to post that I bought something is probably not too newsworthy, except for the fact that I never buy things like furniture.  (I have been shopping for new nightstands for about eight years now.)  I get some idea of what I would like, but then can never find what I want - it will be the wrong height, too expensive, not available, etc.

so here is my score:
drexel declaration secretary

a vintage secretary from the Drexel Declaration line - 1950s or so.

I often think that I am going to find something awesome and cheap on craigslist or in an antique mall, but honestly, midcentury is so popular around Denver (there are a dozen resale shops focused on midcentury/vintage furniture) that I probably will never find a hidden gem at a Salvation Army.  so I paid up and got it at one of those midcentury furniture galleries.  the price is high, but cheaper than it is listed on ebay and definitely cheaper than getting something new.  a couple hours of elbow grease and some Pledge and orange oil, it looks nearly new.

in other news, I finally succumbed to the lure of Pinterest.  you can follow my collection of quilt inspiration, fabric love, and randomness here.


Rossie said...


macdaddy said...

That looks great and will fit in well with your other furniture. It looks like it is in great shape, so your elbow grease must be magic!

Nanette Merrill said...

I like it. So what will you keep in it?

Linda said...

I could use that for my sewing room! Wanna sell it? Oh, never mind I would have trouble getting it home!

MK said...

Wow. People love your stuff on Pinterest. Lots of posts with photos from your Flickr account! One quote: “blempgorf is quilt genius.”