Wednesday, March 20, 2013

butterfly quilt

I should have waited for some sunlight to take pictures of this, but after walking around it for weeks on the floor, I just wanted to box it up once it was done.

butterfly quilt

the pattern is free from JoAnn Fabrics.  I thought it would go together easily, but it ended up being way harder than expected.

part of it is that I am my mother's daughter and can't follow a pattern as written.  for instance, I couldn't bear to make just a solid back, so I made a second butterfly for the back. I didn't have enough solid brown fabric to have the body mirror the front, so I ended up piecing the body section here instead.  it took some extra time then to get it all to line up right.  the paisley print is an old Prints Charming print I had in my stash that I was once going to make into a skirt.

butterfly quilt, back

I also just made my own version of the antennae instead of copying the pattern, and then placed them randomly on the head such that he kind of looks like a bunny.  oops.

bunny faced butterfly

some tips if you wanted to make one:
1. borrow a projector or just enlarge it on the computer rather than taking the pattern to a copy shop to enlarge.  the copy job was too much for the folks at Staples and the FedEx folks needed several attempts to get it right.  they ended up printing it on blueprint paper and it cost me $10 and more than an hour of time.
2. transfer the markings to the fabric.  I did for the first few, but it seemed not to matter.  so I stopped and just pinned it.  at the end, it was a misaligned mess.  I spent an hour or two tearing out most of the seams and then went back and transferred the markings and sewed it all again.
3. you don't need nearly as much fabric as the pattern suggests.  Five-eighths is needed for the biggest pieces, but the smaller pieces need only a couple inches.  check your stash and plan your color scheme in advance if you want to avoid having lots of extra yardage.


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Linda said...

Love the butterfly! You did an awesome job.

Amanda K said...

Super cute!

Nanette Merrill said...

Super cute. I love this idea. Your snail is really cute, too. Love that. Now the muffins! oh my. I can't pass up a crispy top.