Tuesday, December 10, 2013

not Christmas crafting

I still haven't started my Christmas sewing.

this quilt is for a coworker who recently got married.

half square triangles, because I can't seem to ever get enough of them

half square triangle quilt, front

the colors built from the backing fabric, some yardage from the stash that I got at a garage sale when visiting my folks years ago.

half square triangle quilt, closeup

of course it wasn't wide enough for the quilt, so I decided to have it as a floating blob framed in off-white.  a blob of some old Flea Market Fancy on the bottom, also via the stash.

half square triangle quilt, back

quilted in lazyman wavy lines, as I often do.

half square triangle quilt in the sun

managed to break my sewing machine in the process of making it.  I ordered a new Brother machine off Amazon.  It is still on probation but seems promising enough.


Mom said...

Neat quilt, like the color and design. Glad you got your new machine...hope it works out.

macdaddy said...

The color scheme on this is absolutely amazing! Seriously brilliant.

BetsyE said...

Gorgeous! Love the colors!