Thursday, January 02, 2014

the rest of the christmas crafting

I over-committed on Christmas crafting, what arguably is a genetic condition inherited from my mom.  so here are the rest of my projects from Christmas.

since I was getting tired of sewing, I thought I would try my hand at needle-felting.  I like the look of felt balls so I figured I would do something simple and easy like coasters made of felt balls.  BAD IDEA.  after $50 or so in supplies and probably 30 hours of crafting while watching Christmas movies on Netflix, I have ten silly coasters to show for it.  and a mysterious wool-induced hand rash.  I like how they look but they weren't worth the effort.  or a hand rash.

ridiculous felt ball coasters

easier project: tea towel with Spoonflower fabric

m patrizio fabric as dishtowel

totally cute chefalopod apron!  assembled from a sammyk spoonflower print.
chefalopod via spoonflower

finally, patchwork scotties via Denyse Schmidt's pattern.

patchwork scottie dogs

thanks to my mom for loaning me a sewing machine to finish these.  I may have started them for the Christmas prior so it was nice to finish the pair.

patchwork scottie dog

patchwork scottie dog


Mom said...

I love my coasters :) Your other projects were very cute and I think they were well received.

Linda said...

Let me guess. Were the octopi for Angie and Austin? Nice job on all your projects!

Unknown said...

I love your blog, Doctor!